pressure switch wiring problem

I have the Viair 165-200 PSI Pressure Switch w/ Built-In Relay. If i understand the directions for wire the big red and white wire can go to the same spot right? Also couldnt the small red wire go to the same spot as well?

Also my new leader hose w check valve. When the compressor turns on it sounds like a tin can ratteling in the check valve, I know thats not right because the other valve on the other side of the tank doesnt do that. So do i have a bad check valve?

Looking at the picture…
The heavy red wire would go to a constant + source - fused for the compressor.
The white wire goes to the compressor - by itself.
The smaller red wire would go to a ‘key-on’ + source - use small fuse if desired for safety. This is also where you would put a master kill toggle if you want.

I don’t know about a noisey check valve.

awesome that helps alot, Ive have some many wires running through my truck i dont know whats what… I filled my tank yesterday and found that i have some massive air leaks…somewhere… I wraped the fittings with pipe thread about 6-8 times. So it looks like i have some searching to do.

Mine has a few leaks too. I’m putting up with it til next spring though.

im redoing all my fittings this winter haa i am sick of my stuff kicking on before work and after work


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Same here. Mine is all temporary, but they kick on about every 20 minutes. I can hear the air…lol

Yup, Loctite is the plan!

I used loctite on my first 2 tanks and had a couple minor leaks that i wanted to take care of and in the process of taking them off…they snaped off in the tank. But i have a new problem, my trucks computer said charging system fail and the compressors arent running at top speed. ugh some days i want to sell it all.