pressure swiTCHE(S)

ok how bout this idear. I have an ajustable pressure switch and then I have a non ajustable pressure switch, ok now I know it says that its not good to have a ajustable switch. but what if I used the ajustable switch and the non ajustable switch in series?, im using a 380c compressor and I dont want to bring the pressure in the tank to 200 psi all the time. I dont know what pressure it cuts on at, with the non ajustable switch. but I just want to control the high pressure. will that void my warrenty ?

If you want 200 PSI in the tank all the time you only need one switch. If you want different pressures then you’ll need to keep changing the adjustable one anyway. We have an adjustable pressure switch that goes to 200 that turns on at 170 but it wasn’t made to work With Viair.

Check with Hornblasters and Lance, they should be able to help you.