problem with horns (car/shocker)


I have Shocker kit 5 gallon air tank with 480c compressor. Let me start from begining.
Before installing the hornblaster kit I was haveing problems with my horn. Sometimes i would try to beep the horn and it would beep for like 3,4,5,6 seconds then stop. Sometimes I woul beep the horn and it wouldnt sound off. it wasnt an all day everyday thing just once in awhile.

I got the shocker kit have it installed and now the problem with horn is more frequent. Sometimes I beep the horn and only the car horn goes off (beeps). Sometimes I beep the horn and niether the car horn or the shocker horn sound off (beep). During the summer when very hot out when driving after a long while niether horn would go off (beep) I noticed if when I turned off the car let it cool down a few hours later go for a drive and the horn would be working ( both car & shocker).

If I never would have had the problem with my car horn before haveing the shocker kit installed i would just think that the shocker kit was installed incorrectly. I changed the cars horn relay. I tried one from autozone wasnt right voltage or amps and it didnt work so I got one from Dodge dealerships relay wasnt the problem ( I have a dodge charger) I disasembled the stering wheel and removed the airbagg cover from the steering wheel and so no visual defects went back to the dealership auto parts dept. told them about the problem and the said I need to change the airbag cover witch is about 200 dollars. I would like to find out exactly what is is or/and try all avenues before i spend that money and find out i still have the same problem.

I have the shocker kit set up where I have both horns operational. have a switch. When switch is on both horns go off(beep) but naturally you only hear the shocker horns, when switch is off you only hear car horn. I hope you can help me fix this problem it is really annoying when I wanna beep the horn and only the car horn goes off ( beep) or I wanna just blast the shocker horn for like a quick second and its sounds off for like 4,5,6 seconds and everyone is looking at me like Im the biggest toool.

Preciate any help you can give me


Have you checked your grounds?

wire the shocker horn button to a seperate button with its own seperate power (dont power it from the existing horn) if it works like that then the problem is in your factory horn…

I had the same issue in my ram and it was exactly what Doc said. Not enough voltage to the solenoid. I did the same thing Se7en suggested ( wire the shockers to a seperate button ) and they worked fine. Make sure your ground is solid and catch a feed from a higher power output source, preferably the ignition line or battery direct. Your choice.

i would just check all your connections with the horn and its wires. i have my k3’s and my shockers just on separate toggles and have never had any problems sounds like a loose connection somewhere

i’ve heard of others with Dodge/Chrysler vehicles that have also had problems with tapping into the horn…

Well got my horn fixed today and so far so good. Not enough current was reaching selinoid for train horn and to my air horn.Had a relay and a fuse added on and so far so good.

Thanks for your suggestions went to have checked out told the people at the shop what to check for and it was 1,2,3 and I was out of thier


your horn wires are very small, if your trying to run power through them it prolly doesnt carry the voltage enough

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