Problems with an Anvil horn.


Just finished installing my Anvil horn kit from Siege Engineering. It’s a 200 psi system with a 5 gallon tank. The airsystem works fine - 200 psi in the tank and 200 psi aviable at the horn BUT there is NO sound in the horn. :frowning:

I can hear the air whistle in the horn and thats it. The end caps on the horn witch contains the diaphram can be adjusted. My guess is that the clearence between the diaphram and the trumpet is too big or too small ??

Anyone who have a clue what to do next ?? Any experience in adjusting diaghrams ?? Any suggestions are welcome.

Kim Larsen, Denmark…

Are you sure they can be adjusted? There’s probably just junk in there… I’d take the back cap or caps off and check the diaphragm.

Hi Hondaguy.

Yeap the clearance between the diaphragm and the trumpet can be adjusted. I will upload some pictures later witch shows it :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply…

Rgds Kim

Are you positive that the valve is opening properly?

Also, i believe the anvil has plastic diaphragms… They could be easily be damaged…

if thats the case i would suggest the shocker kit

exactly what i did when my siege horns pooped the bed :slight_smile:

Hi all,

Thanks for your reply’s. The diagphragms are stainless steel. The valve is opening proberly. Tried my Kong MK1 horn on the same air system and it worked properly.

Do anyone know if Siege Engineering still excist ?? Their homepage is empty - no products can be found anymore ??

I had a siege 3 trumpet and liked it… until i got the shockers! :slight_smile:

Pictures would help in seeying whats wrong. Did u buy the horn new on ebay from siege? Have you tried calling them yet? I had many problems with mine in the past blowing out the diaphragms and they always sent me new ones. Goodluck, and get those pics of the inside to us…

siege went out of business


i guess i can blame myself for a part of that… They sent me numerous free parts to replace the wrong stuff sent or replace there broken crap. (Diaphragms for both horns and valve… 3 gal tank for free cause they sent me a 4 port instead of the auction tank which was like a 8 port or so… traded the original 2 trumpet horns for the 3 for little cash since the 2 horn was crap. ah and after complaining enoung from having to wait for them to correct there wrong shipment of stuff i got free filters for compressor and a bunch of fittings .

All is good tho! we got hornblasters now to hook us up!

LOL i guess so. siege did have some damn good customer service though, just like HB only without the warranty lol

im having the same problem with my anvil system your get some sounds but only if you hold the button down for a while im not sure what adjustment is need but the whole part of the anvil un screws from the trumpet it self and you can adjust how close the trumpet is to the diaphragm? and help would be awesome ill try and take some pics today

I had that same problem with mine… i had to hold the button down for a good 5 sec to make a high pitch noise…

Ended up being the diaphragms

Do you think it’s a possibilt to get some diaphrams made for that freakin thing?

My horns also have plastic diaphragms. I’m gonna get some brass foil to make some when they fail. I’m only running mine at 115psi so I think they’re gonna last a while before they fail. :smiley:

buy some shocker from hornblasters and you will love them and they will give you no problem!

i would stop putin money into it and look at the shockers…they are def louder

^ thats right

They would probably make a perfect doorstop or fish aquarium ornament. Or, throw them to the bottom of the ocean and create a reef for thousands of small little fishy’s. Then get some shockers, leslies, or nathans. :slight_smile:

jk, good luck with them.

I succeede to get the Anvil horn back on track. Took the horn apart and spend 2 hours adjusting the diagraphm clearence to the trumpet. Now it works… Yearh !!

Uploaded some pics to show what kind of adjustment there can be done to the Anvil. The last picture shows the best adjustment poisition for the horn.

Thanks for all the replies. :slight_smile: I’ seriously thinking of the HB Shocker S4 horns. :smiley: