Project Blow me!!

Hey guys

about a month ago I was out at a party with my girlfriend, and I check my phone and my twin brother had tagged me in some picture on instagram, one thing lead to another and all of a sudden this happened. :smiley:

We got started talking and we got so excited the next day we were out looking for the bike to do it on and how exactly we would make it happen! We wanted to have it ready to go to a car show that would be happening this coming weekend. We got on here and bought some K3has, stripped them, primed and painted them,

I got to making a custom mount that would let me mount the horns where they are now, and also how to get air to them. I figured by the picture we had seen, the hornster, a scuba tank was the best option for this. I was given a tank, and after taking it the dive shop the old man deemed it unusable, he told me to trade it in for some beer, so I got on craigslist and found a smaller, worked out better for me in the long run, tank that would suit my needs, also stipped primed, painted and found a way to hold her steady,

I also decided the Hornblasters manual valve was the way to go for the price,

So this weekend Ill be attending nurotag, if anyone is in Miami, and wants to go its a pretty cool show and Ill be out there, dont know what Ill do with her after the show, I may decide to let her go all together or part her out! Anyways just thought Id share with you guys :D:D


I don’t quite know what to say, apart from Holy cow!
Good effort mate!

You simply have to do some vids.

Have a blast at the show this weekend!

Yeah cool… But hang on, let’s skip to the serious question … Is that a piggy in your kitchen?!

So cool, would love a video and a drive by and some pics of the little piglet :stuck_out_tongue:

DeeBeee OMG Hahahahahahaha yes mate, I never noticed the Piggy in the kitchen, how cool is that, the only pig in my kitchen is sliced into slim rashers of bacon!

Or what would be UBER cool is a pic of the pig on the bike blowing the horns!!!
I’d pay to see that lol

Oink! Where’s the regulator? Scuba tanks run at like 4000 PSI, so you need to step it down unless you only want to be able to blow the horn once.

Hey guys,

Yeah that’s my brothers pig, he got her in like October Her name is Rye, I’ll get some pictures of her on the bike soon! Lol

And the scuba tank had a regulator on it, it’s right under the seat not sure if you could see it or not, It’s set around 130ish psi, I can’t get much more out of it, but according to the horn and whistle board “experts” that’s where it should be, they sound pretty good in my jeep with The 145 though


Great, now you got me doing this…

Just when you thought it was safe to go cycling again… <start Jaws tune> !

Daaaahhh naaaah, daaaahhhh naaaaaaaaah daan dan daan etc etc lol:D


lol awesome! How much you wanting for the whole kit, bike and all? Not that I have the $$$$, but just have to know!

I wanted to get 1200 for the whole rig, but I’ll probaby end up just selling the horns and keeping the scuba tank, I want to fund my next build :smiley: I’m looking to get 550 for the horns though


Wow, that’s a cool build.