Projector Retrofit

i started my projector retrofit, only problem was the stupid fluted lenses… well i made my own! Its still a work in progress the left lens goes on tomorrow after it dries. i used projectors off a cadillac sts


looks nice

Ugh, I wish I could do a retrofit. I have to get s2k projectors to fit in my headlights though. Can’t afford that lol.

Looks bad donkey now man! i like alot…
makes me wanna buy a caddy just to do it myself…lol

cadillacs are awesome thats why!

think u need to update ur signature pic now… lol

what about the light-qality? i dont think, its such good as the old version.

the projectors make the light wayyyyy more directed, look at the cutoff…
heres a pic with HID bulbs with stock reflectors

this pic is after my projector retrofit

those would be perfect for my dodge

which way looks better? if i go with the second pic how can i use my turn signals still?

should wire some strobes in there!

first one

aircraft carrier lights for hi beams lol


gonna mount the 20 mil candelpower spotlight on the front for my train light

ima weld one in my mufflers, and its gonna goo wwhooooooooo whooooooo

whoo whooooo. gotta get that whoot whoot scaredu if you know what im sayin lol