Propane tank question

How hard is it to clean a liquid propane tank? I never converted one to compressed air before. Thanks :smiley:

Open the bleeder valve and pump air into it once it’s empty?

Just make sure you don’t over pressurize it.


They are generally pretty highly rated pressure wise. I’ve been told to run water through it as lpg is heavier.

Thanks :slight_smile: Will do. I am picking up 2 25 Gallon Propane Tanks Friday off of a local “Buy Sell Trade” Facebook Site.

I see you are running pretty normal pressures consider a twin head compressor to speed up fill times. The viairs are tanks but pretty slow.

Going to be going either with an Oasis or a York under the hood.

That would do the job rather nicely.

I have converted a propane tank to a air tank, it is actually pretty easy, I have attached a link to a video that helped me out when I did this the first time.
Just a heads up, i have probably filled and emptied my propane tank with air about 15+ times and the propane smell is still there, so keep that in mind that it will tank A LONG time for it to go away.
link to a video about how to do this