Properly ground in in truck bed?

OK so I’m 90% done with my horn re-installation but I am having a complete brain fart.

Don’t know where or how to run the grounds from the pressure switch and the compressor.

A- Should I get a thick gauge wire to run the ground properly?
B- where in the truck bed can I ground, if at all? If not, I got to run wires out to the frame?

I haven’t had time to ask Dad, the electrical engineer…

Compressor grounds to the frame, and use 2 gauge or bigger.

Pressure switch can ground off the compressor.


Thank you my friend. Hoping to grab at Home Dopey (Home Depot) on the way home tomorrow.

im 90% done. Been looking at the pics of installs on other Dodges. one other new question…I see that HB recommends the compressor be higher than the air tank but I see examples where its not. Further, I dont see how folks are installing their compressors underneath the trucks and not getting wet if in snow and puddles. What gives?

I tend to get wrapped up in “get’erdone”-itis and dont want to rush this job. Want to do it right

Success… now just have to mount the manual valve