PSI help

my air line had holes last night from heat…

so i need new 1/2 air line… most places their line is rated for 150 psi, is it ok to put thru 200psi? they guy said it was ok…i wanna ask yall

Use a DOT-rated airline that is rated for the pressure you are using it for - always!

i called up a place and it is DOT approved but i asked him is it ok to push 200 thru 150 rated…he said its ok…but its ok im going to HB and gettin line from matt

that stuff is tested at 300psi…ur good

ya i kno i already got it from him, but the other stores told me it was ok to put 200 thru 150 psi rated line which is not really ok

if the airline is DOT recommended and its rated at 150psi… that means it was tested at 300psi which means it is ok to put it at 200psi

oh really? i didnt know that,…well my poop from matt i think is rated at like 900?

Scaredu, I would not go around telling people those things. Air equipment is tested and approved for specific pressures for very good reasons. Just because something is tested at a higher pressure doesn’t mean it’s safe at that pressure, or any pressure in between.

Lance and “LimitedTahoe00” are right, always use it at its rating!

All air line that we sell is rated to a working pressure of at least 217 PSI and has a burst rating much higher ranging from 700-1300 PSI depending on the size.

Our standard sizes meet all DOT specifications for non-metallic air brake tubing and sizes 3/8" and larger have a reinforcement sleeve inside. DOT specifications require a rigorous set of qualifications that test the burst pressure, working pressure, tensile strength, and other factors to extreme limits under a range of temperature extremes.

These air lines are rated to higher pressures than the working pressure for safety reasons. Since we only sell air compressors rated up to 200 PSI, you should never be able to go above the working pressure of our air line with the equipment we sell.

and thats exactly why i went to hornblaster to get it