Psycho Blasters horn

Alright I wanna add this horn to the HB4H setup I have, just a couple questions here. Ok I know I have to get another seperate button, but my question is could I run the power source for the valve directly off my battery and not have to use a toggle on/off switch for it at all? Seeing as even if I did have a leak in my air tank at night my main toggle on off switch is always off for the compressor and the train horns. So why couldnt I just not use a toggle on/off for the psychos?

Come on now folks give me an answer ;).

you could wire it in together or wire it up separately whatever works best for you!

I did mine separate, But normally leave it on with the big horns.

Yeah I think Ill keep em separate.

yeah u gotta have them seperate so u can use the horn that is necessary for the scare! lol

yea seperate is way to go… more buttons to press…lol

Exactly and the only button left top put in is the Missle button :slight_smile:

do it…

Planning on it just gotta find a good deal on the black market eh? lol

yea I hear ya

Fires de Missles!

def. looks good…
i like ur style

x2 thats straight bad a

Yeah that is really awesome and if he got pulled over he could just rest his arm over it with the horns off and the cop wouldnt see it :).

lolol arron is worried about those cops lol tell em to piss off

just blast em lol :smiley:

lol aaron u really dont like cops huh…

F da Police. ha