PsychoBlasters Air Horn

Im getting the s4 kit at 200psi and im ganna use a PsychoBlasters Air Horn to make it sound like i want it.
Is 200 psi too much for the PsychoBlasters Horn.

how does the PsychoBlasters Air Horn sounds like???

In one of HBs videos, its the high pitched one, it scared the cat. and as for running them at 200. its rated at 150, it should be fine. I would call Hornblasters up and see what they say just cuz.

ohh lol thats funny

i ran mine 200psi

I love when that cat jumps straight up in the air! LOL!

im going to run the s4 kit at 200 psi and didnt know if i had to regulate it or not

I have mine regulated right now at like 160 i think it is…but its not sounding like i want…so im going to try the 160+ up to 200

tell me how it sound at 200 psi when you do

ok i tried it…its pretty high pitched but i honestly cant member how they sounded at 150…but i mean i got my train horns i basically use the pysco instead of a stock horn cuz mine u couldnt even hear…lol