Pull Actuated air valve?

Hey guys, I want to put an air horn in my truck. It’s a 95 f150. I want to run 2 roof mount tractor trailer horns. Now I don’t want to run them down to a switch on my dash, I want them to be pull actuated. Not just a pull switch either, I mean one that actually opens the air valve with a cable, like what the real big rigs used to have. It seems pretty easy to find these types of valves online but how would I go about mounting this on my roof? also, it seems most of the horns come with a built in electrical solenoid air valve. Is there any way I can bypass this so I can use my pull actuated air valve with out completely destroying the horns? Better yet, are there any horns that don’t have a built in solenoid that I can just hook up a pull valve to?

Are there any big truck wrecking yards near you? The valves they use are pretty much still the same as they used to be. Just a pull switch, no electronics involved. Find a set of horns at the same yard and the air lines and mounting hardware will be there, or try on ebay.

This what your looking for?



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