Pull Me Over Then

Ok so last week I got pulled over by a city contstuction supervisor, here’s the story.

There’s a tunnel near my place of work that I come through every morning and every evening. C’mon, I own a train horn, what you think is gonna happen everytime I enter that tunnel. But anyways, I blow my horn every morning and evening. Here is the tunnel :

At the moment they are doing some construction nearby and I guess the workers got tired of my horn so they told their supervisor. one day, im leaving work and this little white city truck is waiting near the gate. So as i pull out, he starts following me. I approach the tunnel and like clockwork, i toot my horn. I see this truck speed up behind me and turn his little orange flashers on. With a fereign accent he says “I would appreciate it if you didnt blow your horn when you come through here.” by this time, Im already pulling off from him. I here him yell “I have your license plate number and I know where you work!” Can you believe it? hillarious. You know what happened the next day right?


Horn ON!!

:smiley: I love tunnels

hahah that’s great! Stick it to the man!

hahaha, Horn on.

I’d call the police on him and get him fired. A city construction worker can’t use his amber lights to pull you over no more than I can use my flashers to pull you over… highly illegal.

ding ding ding

In California its attempted impersonation of a police officer. But they got you for unecessary use of horn at minimum. When I got mine it was $170 fine. Bastards get a little pissed when your honking is directed @ them!

yea. threaten him back for impersonating a cop heh

honk on man! screw him, unless there’s a cop that hears you honk your horn, he can write your plate down ALLLLLL he wants! haha

get him for stalking?

Na, stalking is an offense that has to be repeated several times for the offense.

you need to get a video of you honken throght the tunnel, then honken at the guy

rofl nice story

make a vid honking those road workers xD

I know. I couldnt stop laughing long enough to even respond to the guy. The light turned green and I just started rolling on homeboy. I was on the phone crackin on his old -butt. (radio friendly) lol

I should have huh? took a picture of him pulling me over in the middle of the road.

I know sometimes they have cops that direct traffic around the construction sites but I had already scoped that out.

I wish I had someone that would stand out there with the camera and do it.

Man, I aint even worried about those workers. I like blowing in that tunnel. Period. Lol. They chose a bad tunnel to work under.

HERE IS THE KILLER, Guess what runs over that tunnel, TRAINS!!! So how can you be mad? Im gonna post a pic of the tunnel from google maps. You will see that TRAINS run over the top of that tunnel, hence the REASON for the overpass. Dummies, i tell ya.

Check this out. This is a pic of the tunnel. You can see clearly that there are trains that run over the top. So, I declare: I WILL CONTINUE TO BLOW MY TRAIN HORN IN THIS TUNNEL. For that tunnel would not exist if it werent for the trains.


i pass under there when going from downtown.to champs burgers…always blastin the k5la…phuckers!!!

Heck yeah. i eat at champs too! With they old HIGH PRICES! i think that dude would charge for air if he could. lol.

id watch out…they could tell a cop and he could hide somewhere and then hed see u doing it then get u

You know, youre right but, there aint no cop thats gonna stake out a noise violation. He would have to call ahead of time and make a false complaint and pray that the cop shows up in time to catch me in the act. By which case I would mention that he impersonated a police officer by pulling me over in the first place.

But I guess they could sit out there with a video camera but then they wouldnt be doing their job. i dont see how it could happen but I will let you know when if it does.

just say its the train they r complaining about…