Pull switch??

i really want to do some sort of pull switch like an actual train or truck… i cant seem to find one made for this with a momentary switch. maybe i could modify a lamp switch? make it momentary?

BTW: I am new here had my Shocker S4’s for about 4 months… love them to death, had small issues with them… nothing big. i will take some pics shortly and post my setup!

Go to auto parts store and buy a momentary switch. in the electrical aisle. I installed one on my brothers truck to blow his grover shutter tones. It works great.

no no lol i want a pull switch… like a lamp… but momentary

I think you mean like a lanyard the truckers pull on to blow their horns right? If so i’ve been looking for that too and i can’t find anywhere that says how to install one.

There was an ebay link on here somewhere. I forgot what Its called, but they do make and sell them somewhere on ebay… sorry but im no help

well the actual truckers ones are the air valve they are pulling on… not a switch the air like is right above the string… but i was thinking of modding a fan switch for the house and make it so it wont click…

It’s called a lanyard its a air valve that mounts on one side and you mount the chain on the other side of window frame above door. Or get a momentary electrical switch like I suggested and drill a small hole in the portion of the switch. Use a a long paddle switch.

So… you guys want a normally open, spring return, 12v switch to operate the solenoid for your horns, huh?..:mad:…:(…:confused:…:)…:D!

google search: Cole Hersee 9109!

Its a 12 volt, Normally open, pull to close switch (normally off, pull to turn on, release and it automatically goes back to off)
Its about the same size as a momentary push button from the parts store.
It has a stud sticking out with a 3/32" hole to spin one of those ringy dingys you keep keys on through and attach a chain or cable to use as a lanyard.

I spent about 4 years looking for one and just about gave up as theres no way im running air lines through my cab because the second i get everything all buttoned back up, somethings going to leak, just my luck… So a few weeks ago I was putting a new siren in one of our fire trucks and when i pulled the overhead console down i noticed that the stud that the air horn lanyard was attached to… HAD A SWITCH ON THE OTHER SIDE!!! YAY!!! so i got the part number and googled it, alas, Cole Hersee 9109. I got mine for 15 bucks from a website called IPS depot. Found em by googling “cole hersee 9109”.

Happy horning!

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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I have been looking for one of these to set off my Grover 1045 and 1042! And for a brake light project for my bicycle! I can’t thank you enough!