Pulled Over

I was showing my horn for the first time to my friend sense this was probably 3 or 4 days after having it in the car. Someone called me in ad I was pulled over for an air horn. When the cop came to my window, first thing he said was “Are you the one with the air horn?” I agreed and he said, “give it to me.” I told him it was built in and his face was priceless. After running my license and what not and everything was over. He asked me to honk it for him. That was one my favorite reactions was to scare the cop with it. I didn’t get any tickets or anything just thought I share that I got pulled over for my horn.

Haha, we like stories that end like that. Welcome

Welcome. Honesty is a good thing!

Welcome to the forum. Great to here they never wrote you up a ticket:D

I cant wait to be stopped for my Horns… Every law rule or bylaw I have researched says nothing about them being illegal! (must not sound after 11.30pm to 7am & must not be two tone & finally must not be used whilst stationary!)

hahahahaha!! Thats cool!!!

Awesome I would be like here my 46 pounds of aluminum haaha

lol so funny, wish the cops here in San Diego were that chill!

Very nice

Yea he seemed a bit mad at first but then he just didn’t mind. Then after everything was over, he had that slight smile saying, “Can you hit it for me?”

Also thank you for the welcomes. I had the horns for a while I just never saw they had a forum till recently. >.<


I’m a police Explorer for two local municipalities in Illinois, and asked my post advisor (a cop) if while he was on patrol and someone blasted a train horn from their car just for kicks, if he would stop and ticket them. He laughed and said “A train horn?! Haha Probably not.” I then asked a buddy of mine in another dept and he smiled, laughed and said “Sure I’d pull em over, I’d ask em where I could get a horn like that!”

That’s sweet lol. Like I said, he seemed mad at first but then towards the end he had the slight smile and asked for me to hit it for him. He also asked where I got it, I think I left that out but I told him to look at my sticker on my back window which is the orange “hornblasters.com” one.

Same here in quebec (Canada). I researched the laws but there’s nothing that specifically prohibits me from having train horns. There’s a law against modifying OEM parts like the exhaust or the horn, but I didn’t modify my stock horn. Then there’s another rule that if you build a homemade car, the horn should output between 80 and 90 dB. My horns output about 130dB, but they are not on a homemade car.
Guess it’s a gray area, but i’m still careful when blasting them. Cops can always get me for honking the horn with no good reason.

Yes agreed! Still is a grey area. Rest assured, if you did get pulled over and you try and be clever, they will just try & find something else to book you for!

Oh yeah for sure. Especially here in quebec. I read the above stories of US cops being cool and being amused by the horns. I wish we had cops like that over here. But most are very stern and just looking for a way to get money to the city budget and fill their monthly quota. We call them “tax collection agents”. :slight_smile:

You say your horns are about 130 dB… How do you know this? Because 130 dB is a little extreme.

Yeah, I agree. Those are the numbers I found online, though the official product description says 152dB, lol. I didn’t believe that so I googled and found 130dB somewhere.
After reading disussions on this forum though I highly doubt my horns output that much.

It all depends who the cop is, if they are in a chill mood or boiling point mood, unfortunately for me, the first time i was pulled over was on my bicycle with the train horn on the trailer, got ticketed for music being too loud also. I was told by the cop to never ride the bike down there again, but the entire thing was thrown out. The look on the Judge’s face was Priceless! “A bicycle with a Music System and a Train whistle”. The cop wrote on the police report, the judge read it out loud. I have never seen a judge smile like that in my life! I have only been to court once before for something worse but this made my day.

btw the case was like my Avatar show’s was, “Dismissed”.

Yeah actual train horns on a train at 10 ft are between 96 and 110 dB. And as you all know the horns on a freight train are REALLY loud and the higher you go on the decibel meter the harder it is to increase it. Because the chart is logarithmic. And yeah i really highly doubt yours are 130… Mine after upgrading and mad air flow with an ACTUAL decibel meter calibrated properly were at 119 dB. There were listed on the website how they came as a kit for 150 dB which is a load of crud.