Purchased my first Hornblasters kit!!!!

Hey everyone, after a year of dreaming I finally bought my first Hornblasters kit! It is the old Shocker 240 kit, and I purchased it off Craigslist for $450, never used and open box. It will be mounted on a 2011 Toyota highlander. I currently have a week of school left, so I will be installing the kit then!


Congratulations. One horn down… now you can start dreaming about the next :wink:


All these good deals on Craigslist lately must be a sign of something!!! Lol

Space for Rent

I think so!!! I’ve been waiting for so long to find the right deal. :smiley:

Question for you guys… Would it be safe to put my Viair 325c compressor in this cubby hole/ hidden compartment?

Thank you! Yessir… Someday I’m hoping to get an FJ Cruiser or Toyota tundra. I’m thinking K5 air chimes :). But that’s not going to be for a while!

Looks like a tight fit. If you can get it squeezed in there and mounted down properly then - why not. The 325 is a relatively small unit but heat will still be your main concern. Compressors get quite warm/hot around the top of the cylinder and the leader hose, so make sure it’s not upside down or touching any plastic.

Finally got home and it fits snugly… The bottom of the cubby hole is plastic, and the cover is plastic with carpeting on top. I’m thinking it would probably be smart to leave that top part off when the compressor is in use… Now I just have to figure out how to route the tubing to the undercarriage.

Just an idea, depending on how the lid to that compartment is you could drill some holes and on the back side attach a 12v computer fan to keep air circulating.