PVC Builds & Plans

So I’ve been wanting a K5 series horn for quite some time, and have watched the prices go from 500$ up to their current prices around 1500 and figured so much for that.

In that case, build.

I had forgotten that Dozerboymiller made plans for PVC horns long ago, and when re-stumbling upon it again, I’ve seem to have missed that boat as well.

Does anyone know if those plans are available somewhere, or if there are other plans out there that have improved upon them? If he’'s not selling them anymore, has anyone uploaded them to share freely?

I’ve watched some videos of others making some, but without detailed plans, it’s a bit rough to follow.


Keep an eye out on the classifieds here and on eBay. There’s definitely opportunities to pick up a K series for under $1500. You do still have to budget for your air supply though and that can easily be as much or more again, regardless of which way you go.

Next best thing would be to buy a complete kit like the Shockers. They’re a stonking loud horn that sound great! Good way to bridge the gap for a while until the budget allows for a Nathan Airchime or similar.

I purchased my K5LA from Realtrainhorns.net refurbished and powder-coated for $900. So they can be had for less, but you would have to have the $$ ready and jump on any deals out there.


I do appreciate the input, and every now and then take a peak about to see what’s out there, but for the time, I am ok without having a real set. The price/utility for me doesnt quite match at the moment.

I actually think it would be pretty fun to build one, but i’m worthless without some sort of basic plans at least.

As I type this i’m checking to see if dozerboymiller has been active and all, and low and behold, he’s just posted more plans on ebay http://www.ebay.com/itm/131599907012

I’d like to pat myself on the back and think that he saw this post and decided to re-up some. Ok, i’m not that self-centered.