Question about Co2 and a valve

I know that when using compressed Co2 and a metal valve your looking for problems since its so cold that it will freeze the valve open well I was thinking if you got one of those manual valves that they have on ebay, since im controlling the amount of gas going through wont i be able to just shut it?

Are those valves on ebay junk? they are kinda pricey IMO for a valve so I just dont know

Ive got a full size Co2 tank at the house I got for free sold the air supply a while ago and just wanted to get the horns hooked up and wanted to see if I could use what I got and needed answers before I went out buying stuff…

Thanks in advance!

if I remember correctly, CO2 tanks are at around 3000psi.

with a regulator i can control the pressure that is going through the manual valve and to the horns…

I think you would have to use a regulator with Co2. What other material could you use besides metal that wouldn’t get brittle and crack form the cold?

co2 is fine aslong as you dont have the bottle upside down so u get liquid co2 coming out

so ill tilt the bottle towards the bottom once its mounted…i was planning on using metal for the lines…would it be smart to like insulate it with foam or something? Running hard line to the valve in the truck then back to the horns…im going to start buying stuff and just use hose around the house to see how it sounds and make sure it will work and stuff…before i start figuring out lines and what not…

those valves on ebay are “make shift graham white valves”…i would look for a VILOCO VALVE…

Evan, what about scuba tanks? They sell little ones and aren’t they really high PSI too? If that would work you won’t have to worry about how you mount it, you could use a normal valve, and you wouldn’t have to worry about stuff freezing. And wouldn’t nitrogen work too?

This truck is bagged and uses a scuba tank

yea those both will work but i got the tank for free and stuff so i was going to see if i could work with what i got…i callled around town and got it all pretty much figured out just gotta start putting it together i cant wait to hear them things honking