Question about Hornblasters Vid's

you know the video when they guy Honk at the cop??? how was that? what happens next? i always ask this my self…

x2 was it just good acting:confused:

x3 i watched all of them tryin to see if there was any thing else on waht happened after.

i even bought the dvd trying to see rest… and it cuts it off!

i want that dvd

yea they oughta hook up all the forum members with dvd discounts lol

lol, story i heard from matt is that the cop went off on them on camera, he realized it was recorded , so he agreed that if they deleted it then he would let them go… ya’ll from down the road in zephyrhills please verify if im incorrect!



You wont get anything… they arnt supposed to say…

they can always at least hint around that it happened!

why aren’t they supposed to say anything???

I always figured it was staged and that the cop was a buddy of his.

it looks so real deam good actors then lol

it looks so real deam good actors then lol

lol…i still say its all staged

not staged

if it is staged good actors if not big balls then lol

nice. so what happend!?!?!

I seen some of the video for the new dvd and it is AMAZING!! I agree with matt on this one it is going to be well worth the wait for a new DVD

we gotta buy the dvd to see what happen lol i will buy it but u guys gotta promise you will put everything that happens!!