Question about my Compressor

Ok, so I bought a used system and after buying everything else that I needed, I finally have it all installed, just a few little tweaks left to do. My compressor is a 325 Viair and how long should it take to fill up my 2 gallon tank? I have read about 1 minutes 10 seconds. I felt like it took forever just to get to 80 psi. I checked for leaks and I found a couple and repaired them. Just wanted to get everyone’s thoughts. Maybe I need to check for more leaks. I added a Kobalt air filter to it as well, didn’t know if that could be a problem.

I know I have a leak. I filled it to 80 PSI and let it sit over night and this morning it was empty. It was holding at 80 last night so it must be small. This might explain it all.

Does your system have a check valve as it should? Is it functioning properly?

Yes, it has a check valve. I pulled it and it worked. I am going to check all my connections tonight to see if any of them are leaking.

I think you mean you pulled your safety valve. That’s good you have one, but Dan is asking if you have a check valve. A check valve is plumbed between the compressor and the tank and only lets air flow towards the tank. Without one, the pressure in the tank can leak back through the compressor.

Yes, I have a check valve.

Is it functioning properly?

I haven’t had time to check for leaks yet. I am planning on doing that this evening.

I put a new check valve on at it is working better. It finally went up to 150 PSI and turned off via the pressure switch. Since then, it doesn’t want to go above 130psi. I thought I might have tightened the check valve to much so I backed it out but it started leaking so I tightened it back up. I think I might have a small leak somewhere but I haven’t found it. It has been cold here so I haven’t messed with it.

Anybody have any thoughts?