question of dirt, mud on horns

my horns are under my doors, i like to go mudding alot and my concern is mud being kick up on them or worse, them being submerged under watery mud… is there anything to cover them up so i dont have to dismantle them or are they tougher then i give them credit for. also my solenoid is under there so its a concern also.

So long as you have a good water proof valve no worries, make sure its got water tight electrical connections, if not move it. Water or mud wont hurt the horns, but you should clean the diaphragms out after playing or you will lose the tone, or they wont sound at all eventually.

Road salt is the real enemy of horns unless there coated.

water proof valve? ive just got the solenoid that came with the shockers, all the fitings and hoses are tight though, no leaks. whats the best way to clean out the diaphrams? keep in mind, these may seem like stupid questions, but as of right now i really dont know much about horns. thanks in advance.

Water proof meaning where the wires connect to the valve.

Use a 7/16 wrench and pull the back covers off the horns. Youll pull the 2 stainless plates and rubber seal out and clean them. Really simple.

the shockers are sealed with a liquid silicone material and i belive you will void the warranty from hornblasters if the rear caps on the horns are removed…

… then i guess im back to the drawing board. are they sealed good enough that they wont get water in them? if so i could just find some sore of cap for the ends.

you can wash the trumpets out with a hose… water will not hurt them… just dont use a high pressure washer or anything… and just blow the horn when your done to blow any water out

so all i gotta do is water proof the wires and that it? just wash the trumpets out and blow them? thats pretty sweet… because my truck isnt that high off the ground, so they will be completly underwater when i go, the wires are covered in elec. tape were they are connected togeather… good enough?

Sorry for some reason I thought you had a k5. Anyways you should cover the horns. Dirt will wear the the diaphrams out. Just washing them might not get all the dirt out. Find or make covers. Its not worth taking a chance wearing them out.

would be nice to have a k5. lol. but no, just little ol’ shockers…

you could put the horns on a piece of sheet metal and bolt that to the truck so you just take the sheet metal off and put it back on when your done

i would atleast have them as high as possible and face all at the ground, you could also make some custom bonnets

not sure how to go about making them, any one done that? posted a how- to or something?

any material that wont block the air or sound and use zip ties, doesnt look pretty but it works…

honestly…just get some chicken coup mesh wire and wrap it on them front of the horns, it’ll keep out any big peices of mud from flinging in, whatever would get through will wash right out. First hand experience with that on my buddys jeep lol.

i could get some from work for like $5 or $10. what about screening for patios? its finer holes and i already have a huge role… or will it blow off?

use window screen or pantyhose. IMO another thing u can do when going mudding is wrap a trashbag around them. i have pantyhose around mine and it works perfectly.

were they used? lmfao

IVE USED PANTYHOSE BEFORE…like when i go to the beach. so i dont get sand up in there…

ummm i’m not sayin anything…