thanks for the help and heres pics of my install

pic of my compressor that my friend screwed to a piece of metal that we welded to my frame…

anothr pic of my compressor

this is my bracket for my horns…we heated a piece of metal then bent it in the perfect angles to weld to the bottum of my bed

repping hornblasters sticker

my switches…

yes any of the shocker kits are great they have stainless diaphragms so water is not going to hurt them at all

what about positioning of horns?..and thanks for the help

you can really place then any direction to me i cant tell a difference in tone it may to your ears but dont think you’ss really notice anything

What do u drive and where do u think on putting them…i had mine horns on my roof facing back…didnt like how i had to hit them after i passed a person to scare them i like mine in the front

i have a lifted tacoma…everything is going to be placed where my spare tire use to be and the horns will be right under my bed…should i face two to the left and two to the right? friends were just telling my that different horns give off different sounds so it might sound different depending on which side of the truck your on, but i was just thinking it will be such a loud blast that either side of the truck wont matter…or will two faced towards the front and two towards the back be better (originally all four was going to be faced backwards like how your was)

mine sound the same from the fromt ot back

just do 2 to the front and 2 to the back…

also pics of this tacoma? :slight_smile:

im not home right now but ill load pics a little later, but thanks for the help…

heres a pic of my system just because it seems like a lot of people with horns also have systems…lol…

very nice


if you can face them towards the ground that would be best
i believe this disburses the sound waves in all directions

so down is best sounding? doing install tomorrow so opinions are appriciated!..


I’m working on installing my new k5la and mounting them facing the ground! I’m just trying to fab up a bracket! you can check out my gallery to see how i mounted my old setup it was pretty unique!

Shouldn’t be too hard to face those k5la’s down with that much lift… Very nice truck.