Questioning my Sanity?????

Ok, so there are times when I question my own Sanity and wonder why I’m driving round with 152dB Horns in the back of a car… Then suddenly something comes along and you then realise you are worrying over nothing… I kinda guess this is a work of art for the guy who built it… But I have to ask one simple question…WHY???

that thing is fn awesome!1!

Yeah I suppose it is… lol impressive collection of Horns & whistles…but still slightly worrying! lol lol lol:D

that thing would be awesome if the bed of a truck…use it for parades and stuff…
i like it… its very unique…

Would impress me if it played the theme tune to Knight rider or the A Team lol lol

^^ He can play any tune through the MIDI controller.

He working on another creation with 18 Nathan bells and a MIDI controller.
He’s calling it the K18 LAH LAH LAH


Wow who has time to put all that together

keep that away from me with parades LOL

haha parades, car shows, wouldnt matter, would be awesome everywhere…