questions about train horns

Hi I’m new to the site and needing some advice. I have Nathan M3 air chime 1,2 & 4 bell train horn. They belonged to a family member for years. They work and are in great shape. I need to sell them. Any advice on where to do this would be helpful. I’m “clueless” about how to approach this. Thanks for your time and help.

There’s a for sale forum on this board but you’ll need to have photos and seeing you’re a new member you will also need to get permission from one of the administrators. Sorry… but there’s just been too many cons out there trying to trick people on forums such as these.

If you don’t have any interest in getting involved in the forum, I’d say the best option is eBay - lots of horns get traded there, but you could also try the Horn and Whistle board ( They have a community of horn collectors and you might get lucky selling them there, especially if they have historical value or significance.

Thank you DBO for your time. I will try your suggestions!

Welcome to this forum too. They can help as well with the horn’s value.