Quick air tank repair?

Hey guys first post here and I need some help.

I have a car on bags and who ever built it before was an idiot. ( they don’t have drain plugs on the tank. and if it is its not facing down!!)

I started the car and the pumps kept running. found a pin hole in one of the tanks. I still go the car in the air but there must be a slow leak in the front set up cause in a few hours the front goes down. So I need to make sure I have pressure so the pumps can turn off.

The question is can I fix a pinhole leak with a fiber glass patch??

It might be safer to buy a new air tank. You might be able to fix the Pin Hole leak but there are chances of new pin holes popping up on the air tank. Hornblasters sells air tanks pretty cheap check with them.

I agree, if you already have one leak there are more just waiting to start…

i agree with both of you. after posting i did more researching but didn’t find anything with fiberglass as a repair. but all said to replace the tank. Seems legit. I just don’t want to put anymore money into this thing.

tanks are cheap online. Till I put in shipping to Hawaii…

I decided to sell it as is. I’m going to let the next guy know what it needs that i know of and let him take it from there. Honest I’ll be happy with 4 gs. Its worth 8-10.

Thanks for the help guys. looks like i’ll have to wait awhile before i get another car on bags.

This isn’t my car but its similar to what I have.

Welcome to the forum. Have you seen a tank explode or at least its aftermath? It’s definitely safer replacing it.