Quick fit connectors... and airline

So in about a week i hope to be redoing my setup and am trying to get everything together. Since i havent had the greatest of luck with compression fittings, i was wondering about quick connect fittings.

First of all , where does everyone buy em? Ive heard of the easy street website and suicidedoors , but neither seem to have a large variety.

How well do these work in the cold? That seems to be the main reason my compression fittings leak is when it get extremely cold, (living in buffalo ny).

I use to work at home depot, and i remember over in plumbing they had the quick connect for water … will those work for air , and are they the same quality as easystreet and others???

kinda running out of time here to , since if i gotta order them , they gotta be here around 28th or so since im only on vacation starting that following week and gotta work around the weather… anyone now of any retail places i might have in buffalo ny that would carry these if the home depot ones arent right?


currently i have nylon airline but am going to have to replace most of all of it when i do my setup… should is stick with nylon or use rubber hose? Which one would hold up better in the cold?


I think you want Instant Lock Tube Fittings, 3/8" NPT for 1/2" DOT air brake tubing. I think the tubing is nylon but not sure. It’s approved by DOT for air brakes so you’d think it should stand up to the cold.

Doesn’t HB carry those fittings?

i went to home depot and i bought some of their stuff from the water plumbing dept. and it works fine

there stuff as in the quick connect / instant lock ones?

You have to make sure you get good push to connect fittings. Although the ones I use are plastic there still rated for 300 psi. And they swivel if you get 90 degree fittings. Unlike alot of brass ones. Alot of them are also very restrictive as well.

Research is key. I went through about 5 manufacturers till I found a good company. Brass is great but really expensive. 4-9 dollars a fitting.

NO HD didnt have those…but i kno hornblasters carrys them