Quick Question

Ok, I know that this question has probably already been covered before, but I feel like being difficult lol. So I have an 08 Focus and I just bought the 2 gallon S4 Kit yesterday. Obviously, I’m going to mount the compressor in the trunk, but I am still unsure about where to mount the horns (and in what direction) as well as the toggle switch. Any suggestions?

This should help you out 110%… Haha because its already been done…


yeah that^ =)

Thanks a lot Scaredu! I completely forgot about that. By the way, I noticed that you have a 12 gallon tank??? Dude, it’s not nice to scare the Amtrak conductors lol! That’s awesome! How long can you lay on it until it begins to fade?

from full 12gallon at 200psi…i can lay on it for quite some time… dont know the exact time but since i am bagged and i dont have check valves… it will take air right outta my bags and drop me to the ground…

Ha ha That is funny, We did that in a navigator and used the stock air ride system.