R.I.P Ryan Dunn

I cant believe he’s dead:eek: RIP Ryan.


Drinking and driving will get ya…

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Yeah Drink driving = Fail

But is he really dead, I heard he was making a movie about faking his own death?

no hes really dead…

Good rid dens, thank god he didn’t kill anybody else.

I thought someone else was in the car:confused:???

Yeah besides those 2

The guy in the car was an Iraq Veteran …he was 30… named Zachary

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Nice ignorant post. Figured it would be something stupid, when I was trying to decipher what you typed in the first 3 “words”.

Yes, he was obviously drunk. Yes, he was obviously hauling butt in his car. Yes, he killed the passenger also.

  1. Whether it was sober or not, we’ve all done stupid stuff…and gotten away with it. Driving anywhere with alcohol in your bloodstream is not really smart, we can all agree to that. I believe you intended to say “good riddance”. While it was his own decision to climb behind the wheel after a night of drinking, would you say ‘good riddance’ to one of your friends, had the same thing happen? I doubt it.

We can also agree on the fact that we’re all glad he didn’t hit another vehicle, or anyone else. He did in fact have a friend in the car, whose life was also lost. Which brings me to point 2.

  1. The passenger, intoxicated or not, got into the car of a person whom he knew was intoxicated. Getting into a car with a driver whom you know is intoxicated is just as dumb as climbing behind the wheel.

I don’t have anything against his professional career. I support their movies, I pay to watch them. It’s entertaining for me, but I will not tolerate someone who shows no regard for their life when it puts everyone else’s life at risk also.

It is not an ignorant post, I knew the facts, I know what happened, I just saw the entire picture instead of just him and his friend dying.

Did you guys see the video I put on fbook today? Lookup on youtube : Bam pulled cop

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ya is saw the video…its awesome…and long lol

Can you post a link? I had a look on FB and could not see nothing? tried “YouTube” and only could find this?:smiley:


<iframe width=“853” height=“510” src=“http://www.youtube.com/embed/zbhh_fcfl_k” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>