Hey everybody, back in December I talked to Luke Jackson from I got the K3 turnkey kit and they did a great job making sure everything arrived correctly. When I received them they were solid steel, no paint. I was told that I could send them back to have them powdercoated. I was in contact them when I sent them. I waited and never heard back from them. I decided to call them and got an answering machine. They called back once, but I missed the call. Ive called back a bunch and got the answering machine. Now when I call I get nothing… Its been over a month with no response. Did they close? I know there is supposedly another company called Jackson Performance, I tried calling them today, but no response. Has anyone heard anything about Thanks for the responses, I just want to get my horns back for spring break!


I really liked him, we had some issues with shipping when I bought them and he went above and beyond to fix it. Thanks for your help!

He called me back shortly after I posted this. Everything is good and I will have the horns by Saturday! Great Company to work with!



That’s a shock! I went through hell ordering from them. It took over a month to get the kit I ordered and of course every problem was blamed on shipping! Glad to hear you got your horns back!

The dead thread has awakened…

I didn’t even realize the date haha I saw march I didn’t look at the year

It’s all good… no worries…