regulator question

Ok so i finally got the regulator in and all the threads sealed. then i went to test it. filled the tank up to 170, turn the regulator to 150, and then gave it a honk. this is were i get confused on why it happens. the gauge in the regulator after honking when down to about 125-130 psi. so i turned it back up to 150 and honked it again. same thing happened, the gauge went down to about 130. im not sure if its the combination of the 1/2 line and the regulator or what??

Fill tanks all way, set regulator where u want it , then empty tanks , regulator should show the gauge going down but when u refill the tanks , the regulator should still be letting thru only what u set it at… and show it on the gauge

I’ve seen where you set the regulator, but then after you flow some air through it, it reads a little different. So you have to make a fine adjustment. But then it stays put.

What are the ratings of your regulator? It has a max pressure and a regulated range.
If you don’t know it’s ratings, where did you get it? And is it possibly meant for a home air compressor?

If the pressure in the tank drops below 150 then the regulator gauge is showing you that pressure.

the regulator is sold by Universal Pneumatic & Electric Group

these are the specs shown online…i bought it off

[li]1/2" Air Pressure Regulator 125 CFM Mid Flow[/li][li]factory setting 7 - 225 psi[/li][li]250 psi max inlet pressure[/li][/ul]

Sounds like a good regulator.