relocating on a 2500 ram

Hey guys. I had this set for about 8 months and am needing to relocate all of this. horns2 012.jpg
Ive had this set up like this for shows and events, just so people could see the tank,compresor, and switch. Now I need to get them underneith the truck. I would like to try to get them up towards the front so I can keep them dry when launching / recovering the boat, but the front drive shaft and pumpkin seem to be in the way. (4X4) Any suggestions?

horns2 002.jpg

Im going to have to find another location for these as well. I cant point them downwards like I want and they get water in them. I have then on a 45* angle between the tank and drive shaft. Mabey lose the spare tire?

Thanks guys!

PS. Dont flame me too bad on the install it was my 1st one. Figured if I was to make one look like crap, or screw it up, might as well be on mine and not a customers.

id say put the horns in the front grille faceing down then you never have to worry about the water with the front, as for the tank and compressor, do you have a tool box in your bed?

yeah on a ram really the only place underneath a truck fot the tank is the spare ire location unless you have a tank that will fit on your side railthere is one guy on the hornblasters install page that has his tank in the front i dont know what size tank it is though prolly a 2 gallon

Thx for the input guys. No tool box in the bed.The front grill I tried but have an intercooler,radiator,transmission cooler, and condensor for the AC all stacked together. (from factory that way…not my idea) Being its a mega cab, Im pretty sure my 5 gallon tank will fit on the outside frame rail. The compressor will fit too. Any considerations needed being I can see temps of 110* in the summer and -24 in the winter (with windchill) ? How about rain or snow? Thanks again.

my buddy has the same truck and we were thinking about putting them on the frame rail right after the cab under the bed

the tank or horns themselves? Thx

Maybe this will help

if that is the tank he has if not then hes going to have to get a slimmer tank to fit there

It looks like mine. I test fitted the tank. It actually fits between body and frame, monuted to frame rail. SO now I just need to figure out a better place on the horn’s and Im set. Thx guys!

this is my dodge ram when i had 4

and this is my ram with 8