Remote drain valve

Anyone know of an electronic controlled drain valve?
My tank isn’t in a very accessible location to drain it out daily.
Would be cool to have a switch (on/off) that opens the valve to drain.


There’s been several people here who have done exactly that.
Easy, just buy another small air solenoid and run a line to below the tank somewhere.

Ah, got cha. Thanks @DBO !

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n the progression of automatic drain valve manufacturing technology, Trident’s condensate sensing type automatic drain valves are the newest. Quintessentially useful and reliable, these valves sense the condensate level for activation instead of working through the cycle timer. The capacitance type of sensor, which can work on all types of condensates like water, water plus oil, water plus oil plus dust and more as such, detects the gradual rise of the level as the condensate starts collecting in the drain valve. The controller on the other hand signal the valve to open when the condensate reach the upper level. The condensate now drains slowly reaching the lower level. The controller thereby switches off the valve hence stopping the draining. This controller, with the help of indications from 3 LED displays, responsibly browses for any failures in the valve and take corrective actions accordingly; this it does very routinely which keeps a check on the health of the system. A Test/Manual override button also facilitates the process. This operational method of these valves negate any loss of compressed air hence saving a vast amount of energy. The manual drains of the equipment can be easily replaced by fitting the Trident drain valves on them.

This automatic drain valve works great. Select the open time and closed time. This one is 120VAC, but they probably make 12VDC parts.

Throw an electric solenoid on the bottom of the tank, and run the wires into the cab for the button.

Mine’s been working great for several years, but make sure you put some airline on it and route it somewhere … it can get messy, and loud, when you press that button.



I actually have more fun with my drain solenoid than the horns lol