Remote horn button on a fob????

just bought and installed my kit and im trying to find out if a remote button on a fob could be possible… i didnt wire my system as suggested but i figured out, the way i did it was rather quite practical. here is an overview of my setup…

battery—> fuse—> toggle switch—> splits after toggle switch two ways.
1–> push button—> air valve.
2–> compressor.

this way i dont have to tap into my existing electrical system at all. but one thing i didnt realize was i had to have my truck running to charge my tank, in short, i killed my battery and had to jump it. so, how can i set a remote horn button up for my setup? please link any helpfull sites that would be helpfull. thanks. Ory

air compressors use a good amount of power from your battery and powering the compressor with the car off can underpower the compressor which can damage it (and kill your battery as you already know.) for wireless hornblasting, you can do it a number of different ways. the way i did mine is I tapped into the chassis horn(stock horn) and put the wire on a switch and then to the solenoid valve (so i can toggle the train horn alarm off and on.) I will post a video tomorrow if it is not raining here in Philly on my setup.

i refuse to help until i find out what fob means!!

a key fob as in your unlock/lock/panic buttons on your keys(the wireless transmitter to your car.) idk if fob is an acronym or anything i just know that it means remote.

oh damn that was buggin the poop out of me. yea find your stock horn wire and tap into it and run it to a rocker switch. only works if you have keyless already


idk how u guys didnt catch that.

second if u have a aftermarket alarm system its easy to do.
if you have stock, you definitly can too. I think all you would do is find the wires that honk ur factory horn. that one hot wires needs to go to the hot wire of the vavle which opens it and makes the horn sound.

oh and maybe you need a new battery because my truck runs 2 450c’s when the engine is off and it doesnt drain any according to the fuse block digital meter. i know its obviously draining the batt. but nowhere near enough to need jump

Mate…am I reading this right?? you wanna connect up your horns to the Alarm??? Jeeeez your going to be popular with the neighbours if that goes off in the dead of night…ok I suppose if you live far out in the desert??

Why not just get a pager alarm?

Yeah hell…would scare the crap outta someone big stylie!!!

most of my neighbors hate me already so it really doesnt matter but i would never set it off in the middle of the night cuz i wouldnt want someone else to do it to me. but it is really funny to just park my truck somewhere, walk away, and hit the lock button cuz it honks when i lock it…hehe. as ive said in other posts i will post a vid of it when i get the chance.

mine doesnt honk when i hit the lock…i dont think it sends a long enough pulse to the valve. i have to hit panic button and if im too far i cant turn it off. lol its happend more than once…you can tell in my vid that only the stock horn is honking when i lock the doors

yea i havent done this mod either, its impossible to find my positive for my horn… found the neg easily

yeah i have too much of a guilty conscience to make it honk every time i set the alarm. but my original idea was like you said… park the truck and just lock it, then walk away and wait for your victims to pass by. i work in a 12 story building and i would love to be able to post a video from a birds eye view once i complete it… lol

I don’t see anything wrong with that :rolleyes:


the positive is right on the back of the stock horn…if you can find the negative you can find the positive…

my horn has one wire going to it so i just spliced into that and put it on a switch. i had to pull the wheel-well shield out to get to it though:mad:.

the one wire is your positive, the horn grounds itself

me either…

You guys have bigger balls than me!!!

Since I had my horns, I have never, never…let my off in my street. In fact I dont blow them within 1km of the house… its just asking for some little shite to come wreck ya ride!

And on the subject of remote control for your alarm. I think I have found some one who actually makes the following:-


1000km range.

Latching or momentary switching.

4 button remote key fob transmitter

4 Channel receiver
eg: you could honk ya horn (button 1)
you could Flash ya lights (button 2)
You could trunk release (button 3)
You could switch on ??? (button 4)

I’m going to get one and check it out…will let you all know, once i’ve heard back from them.

You don’t know the half of it :rolleyes: