Remote intake location

I am planning a system and got a deal on two Viair 275c compressors. Right now I will just use them with a smaller size tank, probably 2.5g. The main use for now will be for some helper airbags on the truck and airing up a low truck/ATV tire, then later an airlocker differential and train horns down the road with a second tank. Hopefully the dual 275c’s should be enough for my limited use.

Anyway, I had thought about mounting the compressors under the hood to keep them out of the elements and remote locating the intakes inside the cab. Intakes inside the cab means cleaner dryer air being used in the compressors. My question is, will having the intakes inside the cab of the truck be noisy? Is there a lot of pump sound transferred through the intake lines? Or would it be better to just go ahead and mount the intakes under the hood in a high and dry location? The tank will be mounted under the truck.

Sooo, no comments. Is this a dead forum?

i never had a problem with my pumps under the hood. now i got them mounted in the bed with my tank

I haven’t listened to a remote intake but I would imagine some of the noise from the compressor may travel through it. I would mount the intake filters outside of the cab of the vehicle in a dry area.

Thanks. I guess I could test them out and then decide. I wanted to mount them inside the cab so they intake dry air.

could always put a hole in you air box and run them in there

I have customers who mounted their intake filter in the cab and they haven’t said anything about hearing the compressor.

Remote mounting the air intake filters will make the compressors up to 20% quieter while in operation. There will be no perceptible noise added to the cabin of your vehicle.

I suggest mounting under the carpet through a body cap plug. That way, there’s cooler & cleaner air entering the compressor. Be sure to vacuum under the carpet before you install. (The carpet will act as a secondary air filter element.)