Removal Questions....

I have a set of shockers on my 2000 Excursion. I am trading the truck in and want to remove the setup and have som questions.

The compressor works with the cars ignition. If the key is not ON the compressor doesnt kick in. If I remove the compressor, will I have ignition issues starting the truck?

Aside from bleeding/emptying the air tank, is there anything else I should take into account in order to remove the system?

Thanks in advance…

It should not affect the vehicles ignition but without seeing it who can be sure and I don’t see any problems with no pressure in the system but the other guys here will know better than I.

trace the ignition wire from the compressor / relay whatever and see how it is connected. Its probably spliced into a wire where you can just remove it and all will be good. if you have any questions trace it back and take a pic of how its connected and we will have suggestions.


Simply find the wire that goes to the blue wire on the pressure switch on the Tank and cut it and isolate it either in a choc block or tape.
It is only a trigger wire so if you cannot get back to its source, it will not affect the cars ignition.:smiley: