Replacement horn?

Hello, I purchased the shocker s4’s from hornblasters a couple years ago. Recently someone ran into my car and one of the horns broke by the bell. The horns still sound the same, however I would like to replace it. Does anybody know where you can just get a replacement? I don’t want to but all 4 horns again if I don’t have to.

They have a lifetime warranty…:smiley:

I’m not sure it covers accidents…

the warranty offered cover them for life no questions asked.

Yea Im in the same boat. I called hornblasters today and they said that as long as its a majority of the horn you can ship it to them.(call for the correct address bc they have 2 different addresses). If for instance the body shop threw it away or something like that then you can buy a replacement horn

Wow that dont make no sense… $40/horn x 4 horns =160…Brand new replacement horn setup
But off the website all 4 horns kit cost = $250…

That does sound cheap but think of the price of the tubing / fittings / splitter / VALVE…

yea idk lol. I would just call hornblasters and tell them your story and see what they can do.