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This appears to be another spam. It’s posted in the e-mail and not the signature.

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Posted by: Steve
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Here’s a web site with what I have. Just wondering if it could be set up to use or
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This appears to be another spam. Oops, It’s posted in the thread and not the signature. has also reported this item.


upon further examination it might not be spam because part of the link is not included in the link

I doubt this is spam. The first post seems pretty legitimate and the link is to a product page showing schematics for what he’s talking about (no sale links either). Additionally ear2ear asked for the link

That was close, my initial thoughts were that it was spam, as I had deleted one the other day. I was about to delete this one, but when I re-read it, it could well be the guy is genuine.

The spam sure has ramped up lately…
Been busy with the hammer over the weekend.

I noticed that, at least not as bad as it once was:D

Thanks for your help guys. Been having a lot of trouble getting reCaptcha working correctly. I’ve installed imagemagick binaries and am going to give that a try. Hopefully this will cut down on the spam some.