request kinda for mounting location..old dogde truck

ok i dunno if im in the right place…ive got an 86 dodge fullsize truck, shortbed v8…

im gonna be mounting a set of nathan k3la’s soon…got my tank an all that …id rather not mount where the spare tire was due to my theivng little neighbor…

so anyone on here have a 93 and older fullsize ram, ramcharger an so on?

Check out my install for my '08 Ram … it’s in my signature. She’s my tow rig and the horns are mounted to the frame rail on the driver’s side near the fuel tank.


Try out in between drivers side frame rail and driveshaft. Horns facing forward and level with the frame. I was able to fit my p3 there but I have a megacab, so you may not have the length.

i hate being told i dont have the LENGTH…


I see you’ve been reading “Swedish-made Penis Enlargers And Me: This Sort of Thing Is My Bag Baby”, by Austin Powers. Make sure you fill out your warranty card, too!