Restored K5. Perfect restore.

I don’t think I can replicate a better version then this process I used on these. I think its as close to looking new as it comes. Not bad for horns from the late 70’s.

I hate to be a picture whore, but I am damn proud of myself for the horns, equally as happy with the picture results. I have been spending countless hours learning my canon, lighting, and angles to get these pics.

I will have before pics tomorrow.

Click Images.



How much time do you spend on these things?

Since I have it down to a art now, I can do a soot covered k5 in about 5-6 hours. Painted or powder coated horns in about 7-8 hours. Previously sand blasted horns are a *****, I can get the original finish back in 13 hours. I hate doing them, I would rather switch unblasted bells out for the customer. I use blasted ones for powder coating.

Beautiful work!

Nice work Farmer. Looks outstanding.

thats a sweet looking K5 farmer keep it up sir

You missed a spot :wink:

Looks great. I bet you get a pretty penny for that kinda work!

damn bro you always make a good job with those horns bro u r really good at that!!

Thanks guys. It’s a job I enjoy. Yeah I saw that after I took all the pics and took the horns apart. Damn finger prints.

If I get a set thats covered in just soot, it would cost about 150.00 to tear apart, clean, replace worn parts, and reassemble. Average 5 hour job, 30.00 per hour. I should charge more but the economy sucks.

What do you use to clean them? I’ve done several as well that were horribly sooty (like so bad the diaphragms were burnt and cracked). Here’s one example of one I did where the diaphragms were no good. I just used elbow grease, a brillo pad, and some brake cleaner along with the water hose lol… I know, not great pics but it is the same horn and it was taken on my cell lol



After (didn’t really do much on the manifold as it was going under a diesel truck)

Do you ever use glass bead blasting to clean them ?

80% of my horn sales are done in glass beads.

Damn you guys do great work. How much would it be to powder coat a K3LA?


Do you ever use the clear epoxy powder coat before the color?

I bought some aluminum brightner from a local semi truck dealership. You dilute with water, spray on and let it work, then rinse with a hose. A buddy of mine uses air conditioning coil cleaner on his horns and it works good too.

U don’t clear before the color, only after. All candies, translucents, and dormants require a clear top. some two tone jobs will get a clear coat.

Buck do you have any pics of them? Any discoloration?

Buck do you have any pics of them? Any discoloration?

I will have to dig and see if I got any pics. I am pretty sure I posted them on this forum before. I did not notice any discoloration at all.

Yeah… what he said… mine are just painted on the outside… not painted on the inside.

obviously you can do different colors, is there a color line that you use? or can you do ANY color?

I can do any color powder. I can also color match if given the paint code.

i think that what this man does is cool how he can take a old usd horn and make it look and sound sweet agan know what i mean i sware if i had this as a hobby i sware i died and gon to train horn heaven lol.