Restored_nathan_k5_manifold_for sale

!! Sold !!:d

FYI - that is a K5 high mount manifold with 2 block off plates.

You’re certain this is a k5 manifold then (where are these block off plates you mention)???
I’m possibly about to make a sale with it as a k5 manifold so I don’t wanna mislead.

Can you also add ‘k5’ into the thread title in the event this sale does not go ahead??

In the smaller picture to the right, your hand is wrapped around the 2 block-off plates. The only 4 bolts in the manifold are holding on the block-off plates. Go ahead and take them off if you would like to check. You will find an air hole just like the 3 on top. Title updated.

Oh yer I see them now, k5 it is. Thanks for the title change.