Reverse Hit & Run

Oh Man, the one time that the wife has the Trainhorn equipped car and I get this BS@!

Anyway, this is my new toy, which I got about 7 mth ago now.

Some crazy B$tch reverse into me today. She stopped for a short second then continued to reverse out onto the road and blasted off into the distance. Pardon the ‘French’…

<iframe src=“” allowfullscreen="" frameborder=“0” height=“315” width=“560”></iframe>

Luckily it only lightly scuffed the front right and I was able to buff out most of the damage. Still freaking annoying though! I’m seriously having thoughts about installing the Shockers in this car now.

I’ll bet she never checked her mirrors! No brians no headaches :confused:

Nice Mercedes BTW

Mate, easy peasy lemon squeezy! Both Mercs I have ever fitted horns on was a dream to do! :smiley:

Nice motor as well my friend:cool:

Cheers mate. Here was the damage post incident and 2nd photo is after I buffed it out. All that remains is one deep scratch which you can’t tell unless you’re real close.

I did end up going to the rozzers and showed them the vid and asked them if it was worth reporting since I didn’t want to get any money or other repairs out of the lady. They told me to report it anyway since she should know next time that she can’t just drive off.

Anyway, long story short - they went up to her house and asked her about what happened. Her story was that she remembers hearing a horn but never noticed another car or hitting me. I think if I had my RS5 on the roof she still would’ve said “yeah, like I heard a train, but I was like no where near the railroad station so I didn’t even think there was any need to stop”

Would love to install the Shockers - maybe if I still have it when the warranty is out - up till then I’m probably leaving it stock standard (even with that kitty horn). I consider myself pretty handy in disassembling cars and electronics are 2nd nature, but this thing is a mobile computer. It has three bloody radar systems. You take one look under the hood and go “Oh well… that’s for some other pencil neck to worry about” :smiley: