reverse phone lookup

does anyone have a site to look up cell #s that tell the name of the person for free… all the onses i find u have to pay let me know …thanks

not cool to stalk! Lol

dont feel like paying to find out who keeps calling me :slight_smile:

post the # i’m sure someone will call them and ask them who they are lol

u gotta pay for most of them :frowning:

I look up reverse phone #s a lot but I never found a cell # that was free. I use and

Since most of the time unknown numbers end up being telemarketers for me I put the number in google and it comes up with sites where people list who called from that number.

I like Version7’s call, it will work. We’ll light up thier phone…

I agree with SierraK5, 99% of my unknown numbers come up in a Google search of the number. Usually someone posts that they keep getting a call from a certain number and someone else knows who as they had answered.

Worth a shot if you haven’t already.

yeah post the number…ill call them lol