Review: Hornblasters "Shocker" Can Coolie

I was truly “Shocked” at the quality of this can coolie! Frome the minute i put this on my drink it stayed cold for hours! its made of high quality scuba foam, with the highest quality nylon stitching on the seams. The shocker logo is printed with a thick layer of ink, so this can coolie should last for a long time!

Pick up yours today! and keep your frosty beverage frosty cold while your scareing the public with your Horns!

Im In. :smiley:

i already gots mines

well arnt you special… haha

Every time I get one… someone swipes it !!!

Must be the “shocker”.

hellz yes… and geszz what i aint paids a dime on it

hay i am a fan of coolies my self i have on with me usehly all the time eather am drinking nestea or a good cool one hell yes ill plan on geting me one soon. and price ant bad figer get to and have a spare kick a horn blasters.

*coffs… I had about 6 of them… but been giving them away over here to people interested in buying Horns when I’m at the shows… I still have 1 left and I’m keeping it!!!