Rheostat solenoid

Anyone know anything about the development of a rheostat controlling solenoid switch? This would elinimate the need to install the bulky G&W metered manual valve.

Man, I was just thinking of the same thing.

I couldn’t find anything about it. What is the purpose of a variably controlled solenoid?

You have a control dial that lets you set how far the valve opens when you press the button… It could never give you quite as much control as a hand valve though since you’d have to be turning the knob as you honked… but it would be okay if you wanted to use a lower signal most of the time and save wide-open for those special occasions

Thank you!

That would be cool! As you turn the dial slowly, it would open the valve slowly. An electric valve that sounds like a manual valve.

how much do u think that would be tho?

how much do u think that would be tho?

I dont think it would cost any more than a G&W Valve, but it would be worth every penny not to have to cut holes and run air line in and out of my truck cab and finding a solid place to mount the valve. Im gonna search the net, I am sure something like this exists…

I still haven’t had the time to figure out a way to mount the GW valve inside the cab. So far the set up I have works perfectly…you’ll need to install a shell though, to hide everything. Fabricating a mount to attach to the tranny tunnel or the seat rail would work, then run your airline under the pedal panel and threshold (plenty of room) out the cab; this is where I run my gauge airline. You’ll still need to drill holes; use rubber grommets and you’re golden…

sounds like a good idea… id like the g w man valve… so u could do some small brp brpp brrrpp brrrrrrrrrpppppppppppp