Rid of Spam Idea

Hey, I am wondering if there is a way we can I.P. ban the spam users…

I was looking thru the list and some of them are just changing the last few digits and coming back… For example…

CialisED - which i banned today their ip is
audignLig - which i banned december 15 last yr, their ip is
blototoBubVah - which woody18 banned last december their ip is

EddieTrr - which Twist banned last feburary ip is
Dersterman - which Twist banned last feburary ip is

This are just a few of the people on the banned list… and Its very easiy to get a new ip address for the last few numbers and resign back up… Is there anyway to banned the IPs starting with the first few segments… like Ban IPs starting with 91.201.66 Know what I mean?

hmmm, there must be a way or something we can do? I’m banning/deleting posts approx 2 -3 times a day at moment.:frowning:

The only thing I can think of is to review each newbie before allowing them to post.

also if u notice someone listed from another country… if you take a minute to look at their profiles you can pretty much spot the spammers right off 99% of the spamers i have banned in the last year have had “Man” listed in their profile under biography… so if its there u can pretty much count on them being a spammer if they have posted or not…


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Any way making us moderators to super moderators or administrators? maybe we can ban their ips properly…
I think just being a regular moderator when we ban, we only ban the registered name and not their IP…

Plus is there a way to make it harder for new accounts to sign up?
We have to stop this spam stuff

Hey Guys when we delete the spam post, can we use the Physical Remove Thread option… Otherwise you will see a long list of deleted spam thread… Rather just not see it at all…


Ok, I been doing some looking around with IP address, and there are ALOT of spam bots registered that havent even posted or been banned… This would make it alot easier if we could ban by IP address, because other wise we will just keep banning usernames…
Ive seen the same IP address registered to over 20 accounts… We need to stop this I believe to stop the spam…
But we need the real Administrator and Super Mods to help…

Agreed, it also don’t look good for people browsing the site & seeing deleted posts everywhere, I’ll make sure I do in future, I know a couple of times I’ve forgot/missed the “physically remove” button.

I have moderated on another site before and to stop this sort of thing happening, people could browse the forum etc etc, but if they wanted to post on the forum they had to register and could only post after a moderator had authorised their request??? I’m sure it can be easily policed.

Any thoughts??

Hey guys! I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for helping out with all this mess. I’ve enabled a lot of IP blocking to large parts of Latvia, Ukraine, Russia, and other Eastern countries. Also updated our human verification to include a second secret key (hidden) and changed the question. Hopefully this will help subside the spam for a while. Unfortunately its inevitable that they’ll be back but we’ll deal with it again then.

Again thank you all for your support!

No problemo!! I can get some work done now lol lol (my blackberry went flat on me today lol )

good to hear

I’ve already noticed a huge difference!