Ridiculous???? Or not


wow…that is nuts…who would buy that piece…

Are you kidding? Who would buy that “piece”?.. wow… That’s a very clean looking M5 with the original paint job. It’s definitely not worth 5000 but it’s worth more than any K horn.

Well IMO it’s the best sounding horn nathan has ever made and m5 horns are pretty rare. It is the first one that I’ve seen on eBay. It’s deffinitely worth more than any k series or series. Only problem is 5 grand is WTF out of my range.

LOL I want that “piece” more than I want any other leslie or nathan if that tells you anything…

I wouldnt give more than a grand for that horn…

which is why youll never own one.

how the hell do people keep finding junkyard horns? were are these salvage yards for trains and poop? i would love to pick me up a hor from a yard, i def dont mind fixing one up.

That one should be left as-is though.

Amazing find, just a lot pricey. Some collector will fall in love with it though.

im sure some one will pay what hes askin for lol who knows

if your asking 5 grand you should at least provide a sound clip. lol.

lol thats true

i agree. im in love with that horn ive looked at the listing 100 times

or free shipping!!! WTF!

i guess the guy figures if you have 5 grand to blow on a freakin train horn you gots da money for shippin too.

why buy a used m5 for 5000 when a new one costs 6000

You can buy a nathan airchime m5 for $950 from jacksons performance…call him and find out…

a horn is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it… dont hate

everything is worth only what someone is willing to pay.

Hey version 7 dont mean to bring up the past…but what ever happend with hookerhonking.com…or what is it called know…