righteous kill DVD review

without a doubt the two best actors on the planet Deniro & Pacino are partner cops ones a psycho serial killer cop who leaves poetry at every righteous kill he does,an alstar cast of actors and the most surprise ending it left me speechless and stund. a definate must see DVD. three thumbs up!!! :cool:

i want to see this bad

Hell yea, when I saw it in the Theaters, I didn’t want it to be over. ANY Movie that these 2 are in, you KNOW it’s gonna be good and win LOTS of awards. This is one of those Movies where the Ending completely blows you away.

3 more Thumbs up on this one!

so many critics hated the movie, gave it bad reviews so i didn’t see it in theaters…I rented it the other day, watched it and the end literally made me :open_mouth: for a good 5 mins. awesome movie IMO.:slight_smile:

my honest belief is simple , deniro & pacino are " THE BEST ACTORS ON THE PLANET" have seen these two for better than 20 yrs in film and the age progression and they are still doing good for their ages ! In a Non Rigo kinda way!