Rims and tires on the Sonoma

Haven’t been around here much lately figured I’d update my truck situation.
Fronts are 205/75r15 on 15x8 Cragar Soft 8s Rears are 295/50r15 on 15x10s
Check it out boys!:D:D:D

Also FYI The truck is now clean, the broken stud is fixed, I’m getting center caps and new lug nuts soon and matching front tires too.
Also, also these pictures don’t do the huge lip on the rear rims justice, it is the height of a beer can. HUGE!

Look awesome with the wide tires!

Looks great.
Back in the day, I had some 295/50’s stuffed onto 15x8’s and the bulge was terrible.
Much better on the 15x10’s

nice and wide like my brother. his tires LOL

I’ve been looking for something similar to this for myf150. just not sure how it would look. finding plain steel rims = a lot harder than i figured…

^ you can always paint them. a couple of my buddies painted their factory rims, and still look like new after year or so

yeah but I despise my ford factory rims. I got the cheap steel ones and I think they look like flowers. :frowning: I’ve considered painting them several times.

I HATED my stock rims with a passion. They had bugged me since the day I bought the truck. I even painted them black which lasted 6 months or so because of winter and all…

These pictures do my rims no justice, in person they look 10x better. And they’re cheap too, I found them locally for 79 for the fronts and 105 for the rears (but you probably find them for cheaper on the net, I just didn’t want to pay duty). They come in 15s 16s and 17s and in tons of bolt patterns too.