Rookie Mechanics %^*$@#

take my truck in to day for a oil change ,usually my mech buddy rickie does my oil changes, don’t care much for express oil change cause they have the rookie mechs changing the oil(knuckleheads) anyway get jammed into having to go that way. waiting patiently out comes my truck the guy brings it around to the service advisors area for me to get it,I open the door & to my horror what do I see??, my manual airvalve handle laying on the floor next to my seat! holy $%%^&*# I blew a headgasket. yanked fred my service advisor to the side and told him see this is why I don’t like express lube. got home had to look up wayne epps the guy I got the valve from and give him a call,he not in illinois but in laredo tx,explain my situation & he saved the day for me.tuesday he’s overniting a new handle to me .whooooooo!:smiley: but I hope the knucklehead rookie gets his azz chewed by fred over it. how he broke cast aluminum is beyond me.:mad:

This is why I do my own maintenance.


i wouldda kicked his donkey

and then make him pay for a new one.

this is why i do my own maintenance also!

all the pep boys guys are ASE certified. which here means Ask Someone Else…lol

same i have not had some one touch my cars sense i got them well maybe
a auto wash or 2 but only people i know for a long time. they love it when i
go in for a car wash the guy that washes my car waits tell no one is looking
and hits the horn saying it’s done! and i have seen people fall out of the chars

ca law says that if a service shop dmg your car all services done
and cost to fix it fall on shops owner

donkey kicker (aka boss audio)

hay i’m ASE cert to so watch it that cost me a lot of money
uti grad god i hate that place