Rookie's Question

Maybe I’m researching a purchase for ill intentions but… so what! I drive on the LIE (that’s the Long Island Expressway) in NY and feel a burst of hormones is necessary now and then. You know, the person in the fast lane doing 50 mph during rush hour; the clown who quickly cuts into the middle lane, right in front of me, even though there’s not a car in sight in his lane; and especially, the jerk teenager in the red Civic who heavy foots it to 70 mph on the towon street with kids coming home from school.

Any way, I have modest mechanical skills (I put in my car stereo and in-ceiling fans). I mean very modest. Is the kit complete and will I be able to put it in? It’s for an Accord (04 EX). Can someone please also recommend a specific horn/kit to buy? I’d like loud but I’m not looking for a homicide rap. Not yet.

Thanks Forum!

This would be a good kit…

Those horns are crazy loud and I love mine!!

yes these kits are really no harder to hook up than a car stereo. the hardest part of it is going to be finding a place to put the horns. Once you find a place to put them, its just hooking up the wires and running airline to them

and yes everything you need comes with the kits… depending on the vehicle you may need is extra wire or airline depending on how long it is to where your getting power ask the guys from hornblasters tell them what kind of car you have and i’m sure they will know if you wil have enough

welcome to the forum. somebody here has an accord that should be able to help you.

I feel your pain, and my reasons for buying a kit are nearly identical to yours. Once you make the small investment in time and $ you’ll be glad you did. a$$-hole drivers are everywhere, and having a loud train horn to blast back is like having a small nuclear weapon at your disposal. A. They deserve it, and B. (more importantly) you will feel a LOT better once you’ve taken your revenge.

Insofar as volume goes, I would go as big and as loud as you can financially do. It’s not too different than buying an audio system: Whatever you get will blow you away initially, but over time, you’ll start to think about upgrading to more power.

I bought a K5LA through hornblasters, which is THE bad boy. On its own, that is insanity right there. Yet there are guys here who have 2 of them, or have combined them with other horns. So now that I have one, I’m thinking down the road of adding a second. JOHNNY has a real nice set up with 2 back to back K5LA’s under his truck bed. That’s what I’ll end up with eventually.

Anyway, just DO it!


Dont think he’ll be able to put a k5 on his accord without some modification

the Shockers will fit for sure. And for a K5, idk lol I know it wont fit on mine unless I swapped my duel stock exhaust for a single tip and put it there. but just for more understanding this is how I did my setup in an 98 accord…

Sure, Twist, but what you’re not showing him is that you’ve taken out the engine and drive train, cut out your entire floor, and drive around like Fred Flintstone …

:smiley: :smiley:

I try, saves $$ on gas

yeah, like on his roof.


yea i would not be able to fit even a k3la in my cady unless i made my own manifold. thats why i bought the shockers